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About Us

Heritage Art & Craft is a manufacturing and export based organization established with the aim of promoting, preserving and extending the historical and traditional heritage of the Nepalese handicrafts all over the world. It is formulated by the vision of promoting Nepalese handmade products in the overseas market as well as preserving Nepal’s rich artistic skills and craft techniques.

Product Line

The company offers a different range of exclusive product lines, produced by highly skilled workers in an environment friendly way. We assure you that Handmade Handicraft does not employ any child labors and strongly condemn such activities. Hence the sources we use are 100% free of child labor.


The company has a well-known infrastructure. Our manufacturing units are located in different areas, providing work for more than 30 producers regularly. The company has engaged traditional and highly qualified artisans. These artisans work round the clock to develop our regular products as well as new designs to cater to the requirements of various customers. We encourage customized designs and implement them on our products as we believe that designs are based on the imagination.

Company Vision

  1. To promote Nepalese craft products in export market.
  2. To preserve Nepal’s rich artistic skill and craft techniques.
  3. To motivate craft producers by providing them professional training as per their requirement.
  4. To provide “Work base training” to women and young men from low income families so as to broaden their access to a wider range of employment opportunities.
  5. To help women come to the forefront of economic activity, through industry and trade by providing them the system of organized production, collection & marketing of production.
  6. To empower the local community and other beneficiaries to take responsibility for themselves and their future.
  7. To search locally available natural resources, manpower and to provide opportunities to the underprivileged section of society. To assure on the quality products ensuring the full statistician of our valued customers.

We have been exporting our products in the vast and diversified market of European and American continents, and we are delighted to know our consumers are satisfied by our services and quality products. This has been proved by the increasing demand of our products in their market.

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