There will be no additional charges for delivery if a customer chooses to ship via DHL / Fedex, however if a customer decided to stay with the standard shipping format a fraction of cost may apply according to the custom rule of the respected nation.

Normally it takes 2-3 business days to dispatch any order made by a customer, DHL / Fedex will deliver within 7-10 working days, whereas standard shipping may take 14-21 working days which may differ according to availability of the flights to an individual nation.

If a customer finalizes an order, payment should be made via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Money Transfer (Remit), we normally ship within 2-3 working days. However if a product is unavailable for the time being, we inform the customer about the situation, if customer agrees to wait for the desired product, we dispatch early as possible  and in the worst case scenario if the product is unavailable we happily give customer their money back.

A customer receives a digital copy of invoice on their respective email address.


Generally bank payment can take up to 3-5 working days. When a customer makes a payment, we will only process the order, the moment payment is credited to our Bank account.

Wish list can be said as a list of things or products or a particular product that a customer wants to buy form us. Normally we consider wish list for custom made products and things which are out of stock for the time being.

Handmade products will always carry some significant differences, if a product arrives damage or broken, we normally send replacement or if a customer wants money back we would happily transfer via Paypal or any other means. In the case of wrong products, we normally ship the product according to the pictures advertised, therefore shipping a wrong product will not happen as far as possible.

A customer can normally cancel or change an order within 48 hours. Once the processing starts their will no longer be the option of cancellation nor change.